New Addition- Ice Cream Factory!

With Sweet tooth being the newest sector within the company we are excited to be adding a variety of great ideas to it!

Our Self Serving Ice cream factory looks amazing and is fully customisable! Guests start by choosing a cone or cup…then move onto filling the bottom with a base (for example popcorn, marshmallows).

Next stop pick your flavor… from chocolate, strawberry vanilla and caramel….pull down the handle and squeeze out the yummy ice cream, and to finish off the perfect desert….toppings!! sprinkles, coco chips, nuts, or wafers the choices are endless.

Guaranteed to keep your guests cumming back for more and the best part its self serving and we all know how everyone really loves to pull down the handle to squish out the ice cream (even if they don’t admit it)

Already have our first booking!! The excitement!!