Floral Arrangements

There are so many different occasions where you can use fresh flowers, from weddings to anniversaries & birthdays to funerals. Flowers can make a statement; they look lovely, smell good and are a great gesture as gifts! Whatever the occasion, we can customise something special for you.

Bridal/Wedding flowers

We can cater for all those essential flowers for your special day, we accommodate in bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, the grooms & groomsmen’s button holes and venue flowers. We can tailor something unique for you if you have a preference of flowers you would like to incorporate or if you are unsure we can show you a selection from our wide portfolio so you can pick and choose your favorite arrangements.

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Center pieces

Birthdays? Weddings?  Corporate functions? Dinner & Dances? There are many reasons to have a gathering of friends & family, work colleagues & associates. So why not opt for a fresh flower focal point on each of those tables. From elaborate and lavish to elegant and simple, we can create a masterpiece that is sure to be a WOW factor! If you’re working within a budget, it is not a problem at all we will acknowledge this when designing your center pieces, and if you have a preferences we are here to make your ideas and visions a reality, so do not hesitate to tell us every fine detail!

Fresh Flower Bouquets/ Gifts

There are many reasons to gift somebody with flowers…and it does not always have to be when you have done something wrong! Our beautiful hand-made bouquets are carefully constructed giving each bouquet our ultimate undivided attention. Flower/Plant gifts are also a great gesture if you want to go for something different, innovative designs tailored made for nearest & dearest!

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Funeral Flowers

We understand the sensitivity of such a delicate situation. Flowers are a simple yet elegant & beautiful way to create a tribute for those times where words are just not enough. We take the utmost care whilst handling your order, ensuring it has been treated efficiently and sensitively.

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